manipulators and assholes part deux

last night i met a different breed of manipulator/asshole. on the 2nd stage, two guys who were sitting together each came and tipped me about 10 bucks each. having just concluded a dinner-and-some-dances encounter with one of my favorite regulars, doug, i was doing pretty well considering it was still early. that first stage set is usually pretty boring, and having 100% of a table come up and express interest is more than enough to bump them up to the top of my post-stage priority list.

so i finish dancing for dollars and go to sit with them, they're nice enough, and keep talking about going upstairs. i should have recognized the warning signs: when guys just TALK about going upstairs but nothing happens, this either means they're undecided or dicking the girls around. after last night, i'll assume the latter to be true whenever this happens again.

so i spend about an hour sitting with them, being altogether charming and supportive of their supposed-willingness to ascend to VIP. my friend rhiannon (who's an archer when she's not a stripper--how awesomepants is THAT?!) joins us, things are looking good. these guys tell a story about the last time they went up to VIP, an occasion in which their membership was revoked. apparently they had been sitting downstairs with some girls, one of whom promised she'd do "x for x amount of money" once upstairs. they go up, she doesn't do "x" but still demands "x amount of money." they refuse to pay up, as she doesn't pony up the goods (whatever that means), and she gets pissed and tells our head manager, mike, who then accosts them, kicks them out, and calls the cops. the next time they come to the club they discover the membership has been canceled.

now, like any good stripper, i'm taking their side in this story. not only am i appalled that some chick in my club is promising to do illegal things upstairs (my club prides itself on being VERY clean, and the main reason i wanted to work there was so handjobs wouldn't be the standard of service), i'm appalled that she flipped the story around when tattling on them to mike, and i'm surprised that mike didn't tell her off instead of them. generally speaking, managers do everything in their power to ensure the customers don't leave with a bad taste in their mouth, so to speak. girls will get fired for giving blowjobs upstairs, but the customers who received them are welcome to return. thus, i'm pretty shocked that having heard their side of the story, he kicked them out AND called the cops. we're all curious as to who the girl was, but they can't remember.

well, rhiannon and i waste about an hour trying to figure out if these guys are going to take us upstairs, and eventually get dismissed when they tell us they're going down the street to babydoll's (where handjobs (or gods know what else) are most decidedly the standard of service). back in the dressing room, rhiannon says, "i was that girl." my jaw DROPS, especially when she tells me HER side of the story. apparently the guy i was sitting with immediately demanded a blowjob upon reaching the VIP room, and when she refused, he pulled his dick out. she goes, "you just forfeited your money," and went and told mike. she and i had a good laugh about them not remembering her.

i saw their happy asses at the same table an hour later. so much for babydoll's, i guess they "just weren't that into us." but hey, thanks for wasting an hour of my time making me think we're going upstairs. nice, dude, real nice.


in the end, it didn't matter. i found a very pleasant man who was just drunk enough to be cajoled into going to the bubbly room and paying me hourly. i walked with almost a grand, and got some blog fodder. go stripper, go!